Are We Going To Have A Fair This Year?

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On this episode, Karen talks with Josh Woods, the Executive Director at The Grounds and the Greater Gulf State Fair. Josh fills us in on how the Greater Gulf State Fair is planning to happen in 2020. Josh shares how The Grounds was not eligible for PPP and how he and the Jaycee’s Board of Directors are not only surviving but also thriving in a post-COVID-19 world. Enjoy the show!

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Key Takeaways:

> The Grounds is a Not-For-Profit entity and was ineligible for PPP assistance.

> The Grounds and The Greater Gulf State Fair is embracing the new world through a post-COVID-19 safety and planning process.

> Josh is committed to having a fair. Mobile has never not had a fair since 1955.

> Josh and The Grounds Team plan, work, and collaborate with The Jaycees Board of Directors to survive and grow even during a crisis.

> Run a Not-For-Profit business like a business, not a charity.


Josh Woods  –  LinkedIn  |  Facebook

The Greater Gulf State Fair  –  Facebook  |  Website

The Grounds  –  Facebook  |  Website

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