Core 1 

Business Plan, Budget and Cash Flow

Business Planning

  • Do you need a business plan?
  • Mind Mapping your business.
  • 4 step Annual Roadmap.

Core 2

Entity Choice and Management

Business Entities

  • Business Entities 101.
  • Selecting the right entity for you.

Set Up and Maintenance

  • Setting up your entity.
  • Maintaining your entity.

Core 3

Financial Intelligence

How to read financial statements

  • Financials 101.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Profit and Loss.

Core 4

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

KPI’s – The key to your business objective

  • KPI 101.
  • Mini Workshop: KPI Design.
  • KPI’s in action.

Core 5

Income Management

  • Income in your business.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Sales Tax.

Core 6

Expense Management

  • Expense in your Business.
  • Reimburse It!
  • Inventory.

Core 7

Business Banking and Funding

Banking 101

  • Funding your business.
  • Funding your business 101.

Core 8

Owner Compensation and Fringe Benefits

Owner Compensation

  • How to pay yourself as a business owner.
  • How to set up Owner Payroll.
  • Owner Compensation and Cash Management.
  • Owner Compensation and Taxes.

Owner Fringe Benefits

  • Perks.

Core 9

Employee Vs. Independent Contractors

  • What is an employee?
  • What is and independent contractor?
  • Understanding the difference – and why you should care.

How to classify.

Core 10

All About Employees

Building and Managing your Team

  • Recruiting into your culture.
  • Modern Management and Retention.
  • How to Fire an Employee properly.

Employee Compensation Benefits

  • How to pay employees.
  • Employee Benefits.

Core 11

Social Security and Retirement

  • Retirement Benefits.
  • Optimizing Social Security.
  • Navigating Retirement Plans.

Core 12

Investments and Insurance

  • Smart Investments for Small Business Owners.
  • Protecting Investments with Insurance.

Core 13

Tax Planning

  • Optimizing your tax situation.
  • Easy Tax strategies for Business Owners.

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