Battling The Coronavirus and Going Viral with Joe Calagaz

Posted on: April 7, 2020 by in Blog
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This episode is such a WIN-WIN-WIN Coronavirus business story that has gone viral and become a regional, national, and feel good media story.

Karen and guest co-host Stacy Wellborn talk with Joe Calagaz of Calagaz Printing, a Mobile, Alabama commercial printer known for their menu and restaurant printing.  After deciding to find a way to keep his talented & skilled team employed and busy during this time when orders just disappeared overnight – Joe and his wife decided to take this downtime to cross-train and clean the whole company. Except something different and wonderful happened. An employee had a eureka moment to use some raw materials on hand to start making the much-needed protective face shields for medical and hospital workers. New orders are coming in, hospitals are ordering by the thousands, and Joe’s team has possibly created a whole new revenue stream for their printing company.

Plus, Stacy, a college Marketing Professor and PR professional, explains her role in working with Calagaz and helping them spread this feel-good story in a time when we all need some good news.

Key Takeaways

Joe and his team turned disruption into much needed new orders coming in.

Slow down right now, analyze tour business, take care of your employees, and look for ways to strengthen your company.

In business, we all need to learn to prepare for the unexpected.

Calagaz employees are engaged and super excited to be a part of this business innovation, new revenue source, protecting front line medical workers, and a media story everyone is talking about.

Media, influencers, Mayors, and Governors are contacting Joe and sharing this success story to inspire others because they worked with a PR professional to maximize exposure.

Cheers To:

Let’s not think about the dollars we make today. Let’s help each other and support our community. – Karen Simmons

You don’t make something go viral. It just has to happen. – Stacy Wellborn

When you do social media, you don’t have to have perfect pictures and videos. Just let your images tell the story. – Stacy Wellborn

You stay in business because your customers, but what keeps your business going is your lawyer, your banker, and your accountant. Joe Calagaz

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