Best Version and Getting Real with Debbie and Dave

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Need help to develop or refine your company culture, future view, and Best Model for your firm in 2020? Then this special international version of Cheers is just for you. In this episode, Karen “get’s real” with the dynamic duo husband and wife leadership coaching and consulting team of Debbie Halls-Evans and Dave Evans of the Double D Podcast and RLC Global. FYI” RLC stands for “Real Leadership Consulting.” Debbie and Dave’s talent and passion are helping others in creating the best version of businesses, people, and teams. Plus, they create media content and products to make any business/life/leadership coaches and coachees engagement and interaction more efficient, effective, and more manageable. Focusing heavily on personal relationships, accountability, state control mindsets, and operational leadership development, Debbie and Dave’s RLC Global challenges the paradigms of 21st Century leadership coaching and consultation.

Key Takeaways

To grow as a person and leader, you need coaching that creates the Best Version of yourself, and it must get “real.”

Self-coaching and self-leadership skills are essential to develop better versions of ourselves.

You have to develop the best version of yourself to impact others and your company.

Learn to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life. That includes the office and the home.


Debbie Halls-Evans: COO, Coach at RLC Global  – LinkedIn  |  Website

Dave Evans: Founder, Author  Coach at RLC Global   –  LinkedIn  |  Mastery Network

CoachPad  |  Website

Double D for Business  |  Podcast

Cheers To

Our number one focus is spending our time helping businesses of all shapes and sizes globally, and in all kinds of different ways, to lock in our client’s best version of their business. – Dave Evans

Everything we do all we start with self because you can tell somebody to go and run the business or give them coaching guidance if you don’t make a change yourself. – Dave Evans

People are leaving a full-time job for passion and not necessarily understanding the complexities that go into running the business. And they are also getting some bad advice. – Debbie Halls-Evans

We’ve built CoachPad, software built for the coach – by coaches – to have one place to run their whole business and interact with their clients. – Debbie Halls-Evans

CoachPad allows coaches to schedule appointments, build a CRM, and run their whole business without having to jump from email, chat, and other platforms. – Debbie Halls-Evans

I think we live in a world that’s got a lot of toxic positivity, either excessively pessimistic or excessively overly optimistic, and we want to bring back that reality check and real aspects of finding the best version of self. – Debbie Halls-Evans

We are about to launch a magazine called Best Version. It’s a coaching and consulting magazine specifically and best version, and it challenges people on how we do that on a personal level. – Debbie Halls-Evans

Dave and Debbie create the best version of businesses, people and teams. – Karen Simmons

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