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On this episode, Karen and Cadie are back in the studio together, and they are talking to food blogger, Instagram influencer, photographer, and wanna-be podcaster Amanda “Birdie” Gibson of the Lemon Baby food blog. Stuffed with Amanda’s own original recipes, food photography, and thoughts on Gulf Coast cuisine, Lemon Baby, is an online blog created to educate and demystify the ingredients, instructions, and dishes that everyday people think are too complicated to make. Have you ever wanted to know how a blogger gets started and makes money? Amanda shares her secret recipe for getting started in blogging, content marketing, and online writing.

Key Takeaways

Lemon Baby is a labor of love side hustle for this college professor, advertising copywriter, and full-time Mom.

Adsense by Google is a good way to monetize your blog or website.

Make things happen for yourself. Don’t sit around and wait for anyone else to start something you really want to do.

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Cheers To:

It’s not going to happen to me. I’m going to have to make it happen. And sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn’t. But I think it’s always worth the effort. That is how I approach life. – Amanda Gibson

Most of the content on the blog is my own original recipes, but occasionally, if I want to try a restaurant, I’ll go there, do a review, and take some photos. – Amanda Gibson

I started a catering company with a friend. I got a taste of the catering life, and that wasn’t for me. – Amanda Gibson

If you want to start a podcast, get a professional producer to help you do the show or get started. – Cadie Gaut

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