Brain Surgery and Controlling Chaos with Jerry Golden

Posted on: August 25, 2020 by in Blog
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On this episode, Karen talks with Jerry Golden, Chief Administrative Officer of CNI, Coastal Neurological Institute, and OHC, Occupational Health Center. Jerry describes how his newest company Forefront Medical Management manages to efficiently streamline the business operations of multiple health clinics so that the physicians and staff can focus on the patient and their care. Plus, Jerry shares how he works closely with his team to build internal infrastructure and systems that can be scaled to provide needed services to other practices nationwide. Jerry says what he does is not “launching a space shuttle,” but it sure sounds like brilliant brain surgery to us.

Key Takeaways

> Building an internal team allows you to scale operations and capabilities.

> Refining and honing your company’s business and operations aspect allows your team to focus more on your clients, customer, and vendor partnerships.

> Look for outsourcing operational and technology services to lower the rising overall costs and headaches.


Jerry Golden – LinkedIn

CNI – Coastal Neurological Institute

OHC – Occupational Health Center

Forefront Medical Management  –  Phone: (251)-255-5054