Bring Your Authentic Self with Sherrica Hunt

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On this episode, Karen talks with Sherrica Hunt, the Director of Institutional Advancement at Bishop State Community College. Sherrica shares her career journey from Mobile, AL to literally around the world and back to Bishop State, where she says she has found the best fit for her skills, experience, and authentic self. Plus, we hear how Bishop State is evolving and growing to be an educational and innovation hub that is working to create a symbiotic and beneficial environment for students, the local business market, and the whole community.

Key Takeaways

– Community Colleges can be an affordable and valuable secret weapon for educational opportunities and business resources for their whole community.

– Bishop State wants to create a space where anyone can come and get educational, business, manufacturing, and technical training so that our citizens can be productive.

– Beware of advice and lessons from mentors and teachers who do not have a track record of executing at a high level of success.

– Always bring your authentic self and strive to add value when starting a new career, project, or any interaction.


Sherrica Hunt  –   LinkedIn     

Bishop State Foundation  –  How To Give

Cheers To:

To have a successful department, business, or organization, you cannot have toxicity. – Sherrica Hunt

We can teach you everything you need to know, but we can’t teach you what God has given you. – Sherrica Hunt