Cam Marston Interviews Karen: The Takeover Show

Posted on: March 18, 2021 by in Blog
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On this special episode, the host of the radio show What’s Working with Cam MarstonCam Marston, and he takes over the Cheers To Business microphones to have an in-depth interview and conversation with Karen Simmons. Karen shares about her childhood, somethings you might not know about her, what Karen gets out of the Cheers podcast, and what drives her in her life and many businesses.

Key Takeaways

Karen likes to build, make and grow businesses and relationships.

Build a team to complement strengths and work around weaknesses.

Business owners need to build and grow their companies so that no company is dependent on them being ever-present to make it work.

Cheers To:

I like to build, make and grow. That is exciting. I don’t care if it’s a tomato or a business. – Karen Simmons

Look for a win-win-win. I don’t believe in two wins; I believe in three wins. A win for you, the customer, and the community. – Karen Simmons

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