Cheers To Dr. Gia Wiggins

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On this episode, Karen and show producer Johnny Gwin have picked out the strongest and most brilliant moments of the most listened to guest of Cheers To Business, Dr. Gia Wiggins of Morale Resources. Gia is not just just an HR expert she is also a guru for motivating, maximizing and engaging your company workforce and leadership. Sit back, turn up the headphones, and soak up the brilliance that is Dr. Gia Wiggins.

Key Takeaways

– You don’t always need an HR department, but make sure you can deal with your employee issues.

– Always treat someone with respect, whether you are hiring them or letting them go.

– Become adaptable. If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll get the same results.

– Be open and connect. Listen more to new ideas from your teams and empower them to do their job with less micromanagement.

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