COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines with Gia Wiggins

Posted on: March 17, 2020 by in Blog
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On this episode, Karen has a crucial conversation with HR management specialist Gia Wiggins (Morale Resource LLC) about employers and employees and what they need to do to keep their businesses healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of news, regulations, and information changing so radically during this time, Karen and Gia wanted to lay down some solid guidelines for businesses impacted by this global health and business issue.

Key Takeaways

> Relax employee attendance policies concerning sick leave, vacation time, doctor notes, and remote working during this time.

> Have open and transparent conversations early with your partners, employees, team members, and customers regarding difficult issues and problems during this crisis.

> Find creative solutions and positive ways for the things that you can do to help your employees and customers.

> Social Distancing can be used by spacing out your office and factory workers by spreading them out using your whole facility.

> Look for ways to use remote working to continue to bring in revenue and find ideas for your employees to continue still to do work.

> If possible, use this time to retrofit your company or change some processes and structures that can improve the way your company can maximize new technology and 21st-century tools.


Gia Wiggins – Facebook  ///  LinkedIn

Morale Resource LLC – Website

Guidance on Preparing Your Workplace for COVID-19 – OSHA

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