Dancing On Your Tongue with Tony Ingram

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On this delicious episode, Karen and Cadie get real with The Salsa King of Alabama, Chef Tony Ingram of Tony’s Tejas Salsa. Claiming to make “The World’s Best Salsa” Tony shares the origin story of his tasty salsa product empire, building a food brand from the ground up, and scaling a company while never compromising your vision and quality. Do you think you have that secret “sauce” or product that can make it out of your kitchen and on to the shelves of Whole Foods or your local grocery? Tony and his Tony’s Tejas Salsa reveal a damn good success recipe to follow.

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Key Takeaways

> Create a product that you and your market can believe in.
> Connect with your customers and vendors, don’t just sell to them.
> Have a positive effect on people and your community.
> Never compromise quality and vision.

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Cheers To:

It’s one thing to advertise and to market. But if you’re not driving sales directly, it really cuts into your margins because it’s businesses is all about margins and volume. – Tony Ingram

If you don’t build that grassroots following, you’re not going to expand. – Tony Ingram

A brand is built around your core product; you get in front of enough people to make enough people want it, then you can put out whatever you want. – Tony Ingram

You have to get one aspect of your product right before you start delving into too many things. – Tony Ingram

The thing that separates my salsa from all the others you find in stores, it’s not just a difference in heat. Each one has its own unique characteristics. – Tony Ingram

Make sure you know what your end goal is. Because that’s going to determine how much time and effort you put into selling whatever you make. – Tony Ingram

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