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On this episode, Karen talks with the writer, storyteller, and voice of the many with Our Southern SoulsLynn Oldshue. Lynn has turned her passion for writing, art, and storytelling into a life of publishing and investigative journalism. After starting her magazine, The Southern Rambler, to write about her love of local arts and artists, she found her real writing purpose and her big “why, ” sharing everyday people’s hidden stories. After 1000’s of interviews and building 31 thousand followers on her Our Southern Souls Facebook page, this journey has led her to write hard hitting investigative articles for print media like The Lagniappe, and now you can hear her on Alabama Public Radio. Lynn will give us some tips on the steps she is taking to keep doing what she loves to do, use her voice to share the stories of diversity and the extraordinary lives of people from all over the South.

Key Takeaways

> Don’t wait around to get the job or project you want; start doing it now even if that means doing it all yourself.

> Get started, be patient with your work, and give yourself time to improve.

> Validate yourself: make the work that satisfies your expectations.

> Always be practicing until you have an audience and skills that you want.


Lynn Oldshue

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