Good Teams, Smart Growth and COVID-19 Testing

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In this episode, Karen talks with the CEO of DocRx and owner of Coastal Diagnostics, Brian Ward. Brian explains how he saw and seized an opportunity to grow his small medical lab by providing much-needed testing for COVID-19. By investing and expanding his medical testing capabilities, the small Coastal Diagnostics is now poised to create a huge opportunity for Brian and his team by helping the businesses and people in their community. Plus Brian shares his views on horizontal leadership, smart business growth and advocating work/life balance. 

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Key Takeaways

> Invest in opportunities in a crisis that fills a need.
> Diversify your portfolio of businesses and business services
> Create a culture of life/work balance with your employees and yourself.
> Work to be productive and profitable, not just busy.

Cheers To:

Providing a solution to a need at a reasonable price is a win for a business owner. – Karen Simmons

I don’t do a vertical approach; I’m more of a parallel approach leader. My team doesn’t work for me; I work with them. – Brian Ward

You’re supposed to spend eight hours sleeping, eight hours at work, and eight hours with your family. A third of your day is spent literally with your work and with your job. There is a big deal in work-life balance. – Brian Ward

I always told my teams, I want you to feel productive when you leave at the end of every day. – Karen Simmons

Get into work. Do what you got to do, get out, and just be smart about it. – Brian Ward

If work doesn’t produce results for what you’re trying to accomplish, I call it fluff sitting over there that nobody’s going to use. – Brian Ward

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