Healthy Business Recipes for Surviving COVID

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Last November, Karen talked with FOY Superfoods owner Liz Garza about the origins of Mobile, Alabama’s first and only Juicery and Fresh Eats Restaurant, how she is managing her 2 locations during COVID, and how she and her husband kept the store open while they had to quarantine. Plus, Liz shares her insights on innovating, creating new revenue streams, leading by example, and preparing her staff to keep FOY running in any crisis.

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Key Takeaways

– Train and trust your staff to be able to run your business without you having to be there 24/7.

– Create systems and processes not to let your business “work you.”

– Work to build a stronger local community around your business and ask locals to support you when you’re in need.


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Cheers To:

We need to get stay at the top of people’s minds. When they think of health food, I want them to think of FOY. – Liz Garza

I don’t know how long we can sustain of operating at a loss like this, but it’s a dream and it’s a passion project. And it’s something that I am going to take out kicking and screaming. – Liz Garza

If you do your job, you should not be needed as a business owner. It should want be able to run without you. – Karen Simmons

If everything is dependent upon the business owner, and if you go down, the business is done. – Karen Simmons