Helping Others and Punching Sharks with Susan Shaw

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On this episode, Karen talks with Susan Shaw, President, and CEO at IMMIX Strategic, a digital experience platform marketing technology company that supports companies and other marketing agencies. Susan shares her business principle of building the relationship first, the strategy and tactics second, and then the automated systems. She then explains the game-changing marketing technology of IMMIX Strategic and how this marketing tool is “mixing” together all the right people, tools, customers, and content to make communication more relevant, effective, and profitable. Plus, learn what to do if you are ever confronted with a Gulf Bull Shark.

Key Takeaways:

> Build the relationship first, then build the strategy, then automate the marketing.

> If we don’t know the heart behind your business or the “why,”
then we can’t back out of that to help you build a strategy.

> Lots of companies are operating at a point of fear right now.

> IMMIX Strategic is a marketing technology partner with a multi-channel digital experience platform that puts a company’s CMO’s and CFO’s to the same table and puts all digital marketing efforts on one dashboard.

> IMMIX Strategic maps out your customer experience with your brand and can build a holistic, relevant, targeted, and results-based marketing campaign that is trackable, accountable, and powerful.

Cheers To:

It’s not about when you want to communicate; it’s about if you can communicate when your customers or your clients need you to communicate and lead them right back into your campaign. – Susan Shaw

Business ultimately is a game for me, and I don’t say that lightly; it will knock you flat on your ass. But if I’ve learned anything from sports, you get right back up. – Susan Shaw


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IMMIX:  Website  |  Facebook

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