Hunt For Your Why with Joe Baya

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On this Passion To Purpose episode, Karen talks to magazine owner/publisher and podcast host Joe Baya. Joe has turned his passion for hunting deer and turkeys in the woods and fishing for Cobia in the Gulf of Mexico into a business, growing brand, and a career. Joe publishes Great Day Outdoors magazine, he hosts and produces the Alabama Saltwater Fishing Report and The Northwest Florida Fishing Report podcasts (and more). Plus, he has taken his knowledge of the great outdoors and experience to be a rural land specialty realtor that helps others find and sell rural land for hunting needs, investment opportunities, and country living with National Land Realty. Joe will give us some tips and the steps he took (and is using now) to take what he loves to do to build a multi-tiered media and marketing empire.

Key Takeaways

> Just because you’re passionate about something, it doesn’t mean that it will be a good business idea or concept.

> If you’re thinking about a startup or buying an existing business, you want to look for something ubiquitous, and you can use technology to bring it into this day and age.

> Podcasts will become the third-largest search engine.

> Your marketing cannot be so solely focused on one particular media channel or platform.

> Find your “why” before you create and invest in a product or career.

> Look for the right mentors for advice and proof of concept.

Cheers To:

The best marketing is getting in front of the people that are looking for your product when they’re looking for it, whether they know it or not. – Joe Baya

My prediction is that over the next five to 10 years, you’re going to see podcasts become the third largest search engine. – Joe Baya

You’ve got to look at the era in which we’re living; magazines are not what they used to be. It doesn’t mean that the written word is dying. Now you’ve got so many different options. – Joe Baya

If you find the need, then you can have a business if you price it right. – Karen Simmons

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