Improving Sales & Showing Up For Others

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In this episode, Karen speaks with Mary Grothe, Sales Coach, National Keynote Speaker and CEO of BQ®. Mary’s superpower  is uncovering the core selling abilities and sales DNA of the reps and managers she works with, developing high-growth sales strategies, and then implementing them with the CEO until the plans are profitable. Are you making that first salesperson hire for your company? Maybe you’re hiring a whole new sales team? Are you trying to find that secret formula to hitting those 2020 revenue sales goals and productivity milestones? Mary shares with Karen some of her proven processes and insights for creating that revenue generating salesforce you’ve got to have to be successful in today’s marketplace.

Key Takeaways

1. Dress the part, speak the part, and be the part.

2. Differentiate yourself from your competition.

3. Document and train your sales and operational processes.

4. Show up for yourself, but more importantly, be there for others.

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