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From hobby to a job is one of our favorite topics here on the Cheers To Business podcast. On this episode, Karen talks with Scotty WhiteChronicles of Limbo comic book writer, publisher, podcaster, and creative raconteur at his Mopcast Network. Scotty shares his love of pop culture, all of his creative projects, and some inspirational insights on taking those critical first steps to turn your passions and hobbies into a side hustle business or a full-time career. Plus, find out what internet platforms are the best places to distribute your genius work and find that all-important funding.

Key Takeaways:

> Scotty White’s driving passion has been following his hobbies and into turning them into a business.

> Conventions like Comic-Con have been Scotty’s best marketing opportunities to build and meet your audience.

> Covid has disrupted Scotty’s marketing plans, and he has had to adjust to more online advertising and marketing to maintain his audience and growth.

> Creatives need to keep their minds on the business, especially their taxes. Save those receipts and get help from the family and friends you have around you.

> The first step to turning a creative hobby into a job, start by making something. Just make it. Get it out there. And make the next one better. Just get started.

> There is a market out there, especially on the internet, for every hobby or passion.


Scotty White:    scottywhite.com  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Mopcast Network:    Website  |  Facebook

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