KPIs: The Vital Sign of Your Business

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Everybody’s business numbers sing, and they tell a story. Find out your KPIs or hire someone to help you. – Karen Simmons

On this episode, Karen and Cadie admit that they didn’t know that KPIs stood for Key Performance Indicators, so you are not alone. Key Performance Indicators are the information metrics that quantify your business as a count or a percentage or any other type of measurement that reveals something specific about the status and health of your business operation. People, we all need to know our KPIs!

Key Takeaways

> KPIs are the vital signs of your business.
> KPIs help you monitor your company more closely
> KPIs allow you to be more proactive in your business then reactive.
> KPIs help you see patterns and trends in your business.
> KPIs help you to see if your business is heading in the right direction.

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If you know your KPI numbers, it can prevent disasters in your business and prepare you for great streams of revenue. – Karen Simmons

To grow your business, you need to know and have your KPIs in order, and the sooner you start collecting the required data points, the better. – Karen Simmons

Find out what your KPIs are. You don’t have to totally understand them to start looking at your numbers. – Karen Simmons

Do you want to run a successful growing viable entity? Determine your KPIs or hire someone to find them for you. – Cadie Gaut

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