Learning A Trade and Giving Back with Trey Byrum

Posted on: June 29, 2021 by in Blog
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On this episode, Karen talks with Trey Byrum, owner of the Alabama Pipe Welders Academy and Scottsman Tools in Mobile, Alabama, about the importance of learning a trade, creating a product, having faith, and giving back to your community. Trey details how his welding school started from chaos and tragedy into something magical from very humble beginnings. Plus, he will tell us what it is like to share the TV screen with Billy Bones on the National Geographic Channel.

Key Takeaways

– Learning a trade is transformative for the individual and plays a vital role in all communities.

– Sometimes moving forward in life starts with stepping back and having to overcome big obstacles.

– Making “giving back to your community” a part of your business model is rewarding and can be a big asset in motivating yourself and your team.

See Trey on National Geographic’s Breaking Bobby Bones

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