Mastery Network Replacement?

Should we talk?

  • Do your clients fight you on price?
  • Do you find yourself doing free consulting?
  • Do you believe you could help your clients more if they had a better understanding of the core basics of business?
  • Are you frustrated with the non-recurring ‘feast or famine’ consulting fee structure model?
  • Are you struggling to make the transition to consulting due to the labor intensity?
  • Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your clients because of the “advice” they received from their most current Google search?
  • Do you have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and businesses succeed?

Who Is The Mastery Network?

We are a group of Professionals, who like you, are tired of watching too many good people pour their heart, soul and savings into a business…and failing.
We have decided to “Think Differently” and through a foundation of collaboration and education develop a system which positively impacts prosperity.

Our Journey…

July 2014

Six Steps to Small Business Success Published.


  • Engulfed in ‘traditional’ consulting
  • Labor Intensive
  • Low Margins
  • Knowledge Overload
  • Time Based Billable Model


  • 2018 – The Mastery Network Launched
  • Building e-Learning Platform
  • Inaugural Core24 Program developed, piloted and commercially launched


  • Disrupting the traditional entrepreneurial and business consulting industry
  • Making knowledge accessible to any individual who seeks it because we believe success is obtainable for any company

Turning Flaws Into Strengths

Labor Intensive – Leveraging our unique e-Learning Platform – Core Mastery Suite – providing foundational knowledge is no longer Labor Intensive

Recurring Revenue Model – Utilizing the core Mastery Suite, a subscription model allows you to build a consistent revenue stream avoiding the traditional ‘peaks and valleys’ of consulting

High Margins – Maintain high margins by focusing on ‘Application’ and ‘the Human Dimension’ rather than ‘Foundational Knowledge’; reduces or eliminates the need for Junior Advisors

Time-Bound Value – the Core Mastery Suite provides you the framework to deliver relevant foundational knowledge allowing you the ability to focus on delivering truly impactful and immediate results

Knowledge Commoditization – Search Google for “how to succeed in small business and you will receive ~240M results yet only 22% of small businesses had mentors when they started their business, yet the failure rates remain abysmal!

Blueprint to a Highly Profitable Advisory Business

How It Works

  • Become a Mastery Network Member
  • Profit from onboarding, marketing and educational templates

  • Gain access to the Mastery Network Membership Community
  • Collaborative network to share ideas, success stories and best practices

  • Offer your clients engaging e-Learning programs designed to advance their business knowledge
  • Foundation for building a recurring revenue stream for your business ad


Taxonomy of Significant Learning

The Core 24 Module


  • Business planning, cash flow, and budgeting
  • Entity choice and management
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • Preparing for business transition, exit, or sale
  • Tax strategies and planning


  • How to read financial statements
  • Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”)
  • Income management
  • Expense management
  • Banking and lending


  • Marketing 101
  • Sales 101
  • Branding
  • Customer experience


  • Business owner comp and benefits
  • Employee vs. independent contractors
  • All about employees
  • Social security and retirement
  • Investments and insurance


  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Time management and delegation
  • Working on your business