New ways of working in the industry

Posted on: May 26, 2020 by in Blog
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Here is the PODCAST Link on APPLE and SPOTIFY

This podcast is hosted by Dave Evans of RLC Global, featuring guests Karen Simmons, Kurt Rickhoff, Vince Howard, Eric Swick, Barb Gay, and Kevin Turnbull.

As business owners in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis, we must come together to tackle the obstacles before us. Join us for a chat on current events as we collectively strategize solutions to pressing concerns.

Prior to the Coronavirus pandemic, working from home was not a common work environment, yet now it has become the standard as we strive to protect our employees and the public health. This has created a rift between what we’re used to versus what we must learn to adapt to. Today’s new norm requires us to be comfortable being uncomfortable. To get used to change and even champion that change for the betterment of all.

Every challenge presents a fresh opportunity and COVID-19 is no exception. In the past two months we’ve learned that online conferencing works, working from home works, and that not having a commute can be a great thing for not only individuals but also for the planet. Even though we are all in the middle of something tremendously difficult, we have the power to transform these difficulties into fresh new starts, into new ways of doing traditional tasks.

However, while staying positive and embracing the change is important to growth, being practical about how we change is vital to a stable transition. We must learn to save money where possible and cut the excess. Sticking to a proper budget is so important to maintaining your business in the middle of this global downturn.

In this podcast, we discuss not only how to protect our financial stability, but also how to help our clients embrace these practices too. Education is perhaps our biggest asset during these modern challenges. It allows us to create actionable changes that yield visible results and to share in that success with others. As business owners and as a society we can rise up together if we decide to put in the effort. The effort to remain positive despite the negative surroundings, the effort to be open to change, the effort to learn, and the effort to proceed with caution so that our hard work is not wasted. We can do this!