Open Kimonos and The New Business Normal

Posted on: April 28, 2020 by in Blog
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On this episode, Karen talks with HR expert and founder of Morale Resource, LLCDr. Gia Wiggins to discuss helping out employers, employees, and customers to transitioning back into the workplace after the mandated shutdown. What does this “new business normal” going to look like? Is the management playbook from the past is no longer relevant? Owners, managers, and employees all need to reevaluate their processes, protocols, and workspace. Gia lays out some sage-like advice to rewriting the employee handbook and transitioning back into working in the office to feel important, safe, and effective. It’s time always to be thinking globally and building locally.

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> Try to create a safe and flexible work environment to transition your workforce back into the office.

> Management and staff need to create a new psychological contract of transparency and trust to all be moving forward in a time of uncertainty.

> Reevaluate your business to pivot your operations and revenue streams to be pandemic-proof and crisis-proof in the future.

> Leverage internal relationships and those with vendors, customers, bankers, and competitors.

> Document all the conditions and obstacles you have encountered in this pandemic and business shutdown. Let’s learn from this challenging period to prepare for the next crisis.

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