Overcoming Adversity and Rocket Motivation with Rod Cate

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On this episode, Karen is finally back in the studio with attorney and author of “Get Back Up” Rod Cate. Rod injured his spine in a football accident when he was 15 years and severed his spine. After being paralyzed for weeks, Rod overcame his diagnosis and eventually, with a cane, began to walk again and built a life. Rod talks with Karen about gratitude, the lessons learned by overcoming adversity, and why he wants to inspire others build their best lives with his book and podcast, Rocket Motivation.

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Key Takeaways

> We all have adversity and obstacles, and cultivating a positive and mentally tough mindset is essential to tackling those issues.

> While tragically changing his life, Rod’s accident did not destroy his life and is a significant influence on the person he is today.

> Rod wrote his book, “Get Back Up” and is starting a new podcast to inspire others to overcome the physical, mental, financial, and spiritual obstacles in their lives.

> Rocket Motivation: Be aware of your obstacles, get over the grief, deal with the problem at hand, and build a better situation.

> Kindness + Toughness = Fairness


Rod Cate:  Facebook  |  Hand Arendall

Rocket Motivation:  Podcast (launches mid October 2020)

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