Planning For Growth In 2021

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On this episode, Karen and Johnny let the listeners peek behind the podcast curtain when they share a Cheers To Business planning session for growing the show in the coming year. 2020 milestones will be reviewed, goals will be made, strategies will be formulated, and to-do lists will be completed to push the show into 2021. Listen close; the same issues discussed in this episode are the same issues in all types and sizes of other businesses. Are you preparing for next year?

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Karen and Johnny’s Cheers To Business Plans for 2021

  1. More focused shows and create more themed series.
  2. Get back to fundamentals with more planning and prep.
  3. Including more practical, tactical, and concrete information in the shows.
  4. Less Facebook, more Linkedin. Find the right channels to target the business demographic.
  5. More and better promotions for shows before and after the airing.
  6. Start reposting and promoting relevant and evergreen shows from the past seasons.
  7. Create specific show listener growth goals and KPIs.
  8. Repurpose and maximize the use of all the past show content for other marketing uses and messages.

Karen and Johnny’s Cheers To Business Goals For 2021

  1. Document and adhere to the episode creation process.
  2. Increase podcast listener growth of podcast plays on all channels by 25% by the end of Q2.
  3. Incorporate more zoom, video content, and video vignette integration into the show and marketing.


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