Reinvention and Clean Brooms with Karen and Gia

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On this episode, Karen and Dr. Gia Wiggins of Morale Resources LLC, have an energetic and freeform conversation in the Get Back Up series. Gia quizzes Karen on the role of a good CFO, how they should work with a company, and when it is time for a company to pivot or close up. Karen gives some advice on what to look for in a business consultant and getting the most out of this critical relationship. Lastly, the Cheers ladies share their views on surviving this crazy time, the importance of reinvention, and listening to the most critical internal and external voices to sharpen and strengthen your company.

Key Takeaways:

> The free market will tell you exactly what it wants and is most the honest insight into your business.

> A controller can report the past and process the now, but a CFO is somebody that strategizes, see the big picture, and can see into the future.

> When determining your business’s viability, you need to have somebody willing to look at the stuff that everybody in the company is ignoring.

> A new broom, always sweets clean. An outside person looking in your business will always see something new you don’t.

> Hire a CFO or a consultant that will tell you the truth and not what you want to hear.

> Reinvention is so essential. And if you’re not listening to the market or clients, then you are making a mistake.


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Cheers To:

To understand the role of what a CFO is or any “chief” position. When you put a “C” in front of the title, it should be a strategic position. – Dr. Gia Wiggins

Putting your ear to the ground is the best way to make sure that your business is viable. – Dr. Gia Wiggins

Make sure that your product and services offering matches the need and demands of your market and industry. Be able to give up an offering if it is not profitable or is problematic. – Dr. Gia Wiggins

If I have to beg you for what I deserve; then you don’t deserve me. – Dr. Gia Wiggins

Give the people what they need, not what you were trying to force them to have. – Dr. Gia Wiggins

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