Saving Mardi Gras with Mobile Porch Parade

Posted on: January 26, 2021 by in Blog
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When no one is going to let the good times roll with Mobile’s month-long and city-wide Mardi Gras celebration, it’s more than just a city missing a great party. Not having Mardi Gras, and especially all the parades, means millions of dollars of lost tax revenue, and hundreds of businesses, artists, and companies have been put into financial jeopardy. Instead of taking this laying down, Susan Sarver and Stacy Wellborn have started the Mobile Porch Parade to keep Mardi Gras revelry alive in Mobile, Alabama. Plus, in the process, they are saving a ton of jobs, giving a new permanent revenue source for desperate float builders for years to come, and uplifting the spirits of old and young during this most festive time in our city.

On this episode, Karen talks with Stacy Wellborn and explains Mobile Porch Parade in detail, why it was started, what has been the immediate impact with the community, and how anyone can get involved.

Check out the Mardi Gras Spirit on Mobile Porch Parade >>>

Mobile Porch Parade:

Mobile Porch Parade -

Key Takeaways

– Float builders have found a new revenue source with the Mobile Porch Parade.

– Mardi Gras being canceled due to COVID-19 is going to be devastating to the local.

– Creating or providing a valuable service that increases community involvement and positivity is a recipe for success.

– Work to build a stronger local community around your business and ask locals to support you when you’re in need.


Mobile Porch Parade  –  Facebook   |    Instagram   |   Website   |    Map

Stacy Wellborn  –  LinkedIn  |   Instagram

Suzanne Sarver  –  Instagram  |   Dribbble

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