Selling Childhood Memories with Scotty White

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In this episode, guest host Johnny Gwin talks with Scotty White about how he takes another step in building his business empire of Geekdom with his new Scotty’s Toy Shopspecializing in action figures and other pop culture collectibles. Scotty is not just an entrepreneur, podcaster, and comic book creator; he is now an action figure curator, doctor, and bounty hunter to find “that special toy that someone wants from their childhood memories and will bring them happiness.”

Cheers to Scotty White; he is creating revenue from doing something that he loves and is building a loyal and engaged community around his new toy shop, Scotty’s Toy Shop.

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Scotty’s Jedi Lessons On Starting A Retail Business

– Do your research. Know what you are getting into with a brick and mortar or online retail store and understand the market trends, opportunities, and challenges before you go “all in”

– Build your network. Reach out to similar and successful business owners in the market that you want to start selling.

– Start small. Before investing capital and time with a store, start selling from your collection to test the proof of concept for your store and products.


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