The Retail Pivot

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On this episode, Karen talks about starting a retail shop from scratch, dealing with the challenges of retail, and pivoting when necessary with Elizabeth and Jennifer O’Brien of Opulence Designs. After opening her dream art and gift shop, Elizabeth found out that retail was one tough nut to crack. With months of ups and downs, inventory not moving, and things looking dark, Opulence Designs was able to relook at their business plan, mission, and opportunities and was able to pivot their shop to work for their customers and community.

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Key Takeaways

> Retail is not what is was five years ago, especially with online sales.
> Be able to pivot, adjust your sales, and always be moving forward.
> Don’t just create a business, create a community.
> Retail space is a commodity.

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Karen Simmons

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Cheers To:

Retail is a hard beast. Customer service is half the sale at least. – Jennifer O’Brien

With a consumer, you cannot read their mind. – Jennifer O’Brien

Most people that come into the shop are impulse buyers, unless they have heard of something or seen it online that they want to buy. – Elizabeth O’Brien

You have to accommodate everybody, and that’s becoming more and more difficult. – Jennifer O’Brien

People are supporting me, I want to support them. So, therefore, take the first step and support them first. They’ll want to support you. – Karen Simmons

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