What’s Generational Insights with Cam Marston

Posted on: March 11, 2021 by in Blog
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On this episode, Karen talks with Cam Marston, President of Generational Insights and host of the radio show and podcast What’s Working with Cam Marston.

Cam Marston is the leading expert and speaker on the impact of generational change and its impact on the workplace and marketplace. He studies and analyzes generational and demographic trends and points out the differences and similarities between people and generations. He then presents his insights to companies and brands to better connect and communicate with their employees, customers, and communities. It’s not only selling and communicating better this is info that lets you know how to get the most out of every relationship you have. Hear how Cam’s world has changed with COVID and the lessons he has learned over the past year.

Key Takeaways

– Millennials are committing more to employers and are lasting a lot longer than the historical two-year job hops.

– The primary tool for job retention for the millennial generation is for a company or organization to have a very clear mission and “why.”

– When communicating or selling to a Baby Boomer, articulate your expertise and history.

– When communicating or selling to the Millennial or Gen Z markets, explain how you’re going to change their future if they do business with you. Use more information about them and highlight the future benefits of your partnership.

– Many businesses sell and communicate by pushing something they like to receive instead of concentrating on how your listener prefers to receive it.

– Due to COVID many thought leaders, public speakers, and presenters have had to learn to become entertainers to deliver their messages online instead of live and in person.

– Minimize generational bias in your company’s culture, communication, marketing and values.

Cheers To:

Most of my time is spent studying the demographic trends that are shaping the workplace in the marketplace. I gather the information, and then I organize it in a palatable way. – Cam Marston

Demographics are not typically a sexy topic. But, I organize and deliver this data in such a way that it’s palatable for the listener or the participant to gain something from it, to enjoy it, and most importantly, to do something with the content to a change of behavior that will make them a little bit more effective. – Cam Marston

Many people sell, pitch, and write copy on their websites in their own generational values. And it’s often very generationally biased and ineffective. – Cam Marston

At some point, committing to an employer is becomes wealth building. – Cam Marston